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A Better East Texas: Cynthia Kent

Our nation is facing one of the most uncertain economic times since the great depression.   This is not the time to ask us to spend, with interest, more than 100 million dollars to build a shiny new jail.  When Government tells you this is finally a jail plan you can afford, grab your wallet and run. 

            There are less expensive alternatives available that really address our local jail overcrowding without turning Tyler into a Penal Colony.   We can increase the number of courts to move the cases out of our local jail and continue to use Alternative Incarceration Programs which have been a huge success, reduced the jail population and saved taxpayer money.

Since 1978 our felony cases have increased from 321 each year to about 3200 cases last year for the same 4 courts to handle.  With additional courts moving cases out of our local jail we can save money and effectively deal with these inmates.

    Our local government just can't get it right.  Smith County built a jail in downtown Tyler in 1985 with the promise it would meet our needs for 20 years.  It was overcrowded the day it opened.  We built additional jails in 92 and 96 but they are also overcrowded because we need more courts not additional jails.  Consider the facts and vote AGAINST the jail proposal on November 4, 2008.

For more information go to www.whatpartofno.com <http://www.whatpartofno.com/
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