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Gilmer Man Becomes East Texas 'Joe The Plumber'

A Gilmer man is speaking out saying he disagrees with the Obama political tax plan, and has become the East Texas version of 'Joe the plumber'.  He's an average working man who's now nationally known as 'Cory the driller'.

Cory Miller, 54 started his own drilling service out of his home 25 years ago, scratching up every penny he had to fund it.  It has since grown into a very successful business.  Miller says he saw the plight of 'Joe the Plumber' and feels he was unfairly targeted by the national media.

"Joe the plumber is where I was 25 years ago, waiting to make his American dream," said Miller.  So much so, he drafted his own letter opposing the Obama tax plan and sent it to the Obama campaign.  He's been interviewed on national TV over his criticism of the Obama tax plan.

"I think that Obama's plan is going to penalize businessmen like myself who have taken the risk and have kicked their tails and have provided jobs and paychecks to support families around America," said Miller.  "It doesn't  give business any incentive to take risks when the lions share of that would go to the government."  Miller's letter has made it to the Internet, and he says he's received thousands of e-mails from all over the country voicing their support.    

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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