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City of Tyler Women Help With Habitat Women's Build

In Tyler, work on another Habitat house continued Saturday.  The 2008 Women's Build home sponsored by the Junior League of Tyler was on it's 5th full Saturday of work.  Tyler's fearless Mayor, Barbara Bass, lead a team of ladies employed by the city.  The progress five weeks of hard working women can make is pretty incredible.

"Basically, I just sent out an email throughout the city and said who wants to volunteer," said Susan Guthrie, City of Tyler Communications Director.  "I think we had 30 people immediately emailed me, and said I want to do it, I want to do it."   With the largest number of women's build volunteers yet the City of Tyler ladies pitched in.  They were from all departments IT, Accounting, Police, even the Mayor.

"This is a fun, fun project," said Barbara Bass, City Of Tyler Mayor.  "We've got most of the caulking done and now the painting crew has started."  Mayor Bass said the habitat project has been a great way to learn how to do things, and for her it was caulking.

"Lowe's donated lessons, so the employees went and took lessons on everything from how to do dry wall, to paint," said Bass.  "And were out having a great day."

"All of it's been really fun," said Susan. "Learning how to use the tools and all the steps in the building process."

"It's fun to see your handiwork and to see that you can make a difference," said Bass.

The Women's Build is one of nine habitat houses just in this neighborhood. When the home is completed just before Christmas they will then move to another neighborhood to start rebuilding lives somewhere else.

"You really see the people come out, interact with each other. They are creating neighborhoods not just one house at a time," said Susan. 

These women breaked for lunch then got back to work. Leaving messages on what will be the walls for the future homeowners.

'May God's love live here' wrote Mayor Bass. 

The Women's Build will be the future home of Lindsey Wall.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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