Longview's Cleanest Restaurants

It was an outstanding inspection period for the Longview Health Department as over 40 restaurants had a scores, but 9 area establishments topped them all with perfect marks... includiing the Funnel Cake Factory in the Longview Mall. Inspected on August 8th, it was found to have spoltessly clean workspaces with no violations. They scored an A.

Others on the perfect list were Big Tome's Bar-b-Que at 2602 Estes Parkway, inspected August 26th it had all foods at proper temperatures and no violations... Score: a perfect A.

Inspected on July 26th, Crafter's Kitchen at 116 West Tyler was "squeaky clean" and had no violations... Score: a perfect A.

Corn Dog 7 at the Longview Mall was inspected on August 8th and found to have claen conditions with foods at good temperatures... Score a perfect A.

Inspected July 31st, Garcia's at 1310 South Mobberly was also found to have clean conditions with no violations... Score: a perfect A.

Clean conditions and foods at good temperatures were also found at Jack's Natural Foods at 400 East Loop 281. Inspected on August 5th, they scored a perfect A.

Jucy's Hamburgers at 816 West Marshall was inspected on July 25th, and had clean conditions with no violations. Score: a perfect A.

A frequent visitor to the good list, King's Bar-B-Que at 3012 West Marshall Avenue was inspected on August 12th, and had no violations...score: a perfect A.

And inspected on August 9th, McDonald's at 3118 Estes Parkway was found to have clean conditions with no violations.  Score: A