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Jacksonville soldier returns home

It's a very patriotic Halloween for one East Texas family. Their hero flew home from Iraq today.

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane takes us to Sergeant Ruben Landen's welcome home party, where he was reunited with wife and 2 year old son.

At this Jacksonville truck stop, people weren't filling up on gas. Instead they were filling up on their hero, Sergeant Ruben Landen.

"This is awesome, I'm glad everybody's still showing their support. It makes us still feel like we're making a difference, you know, we're over there for a reason."

His large family includes 10 siblings, his wife and 2-year old son Nicholas, who was thrilled to have Daddy home.

"Seeing my son just run up to him and just holler daddy, it was just great. It's been about 10 months and he ran right up to me just like I wasn't gone at all, that's a good feeling."

Nicholas has mainly just seen his dad on TV.

Thanks to a Navy program, Sergeant Landen is videotaped while reading stories. They are then put on a DVD and sent home.

"Nicholas hollers, Daddy read, Daddy read. He reads to him a story every night, good night story, and it just breaks my heart to hear that every night...He would fall asleep listening to them," said Tiffany Landen, Robert's wife.

"I missed a lot. I'm just going to try to catch up and make up for lost time."

Sergeant Landen is in his 3rd tour and stationed in Fallujah. He only has a short time home before duty calls again.

"I hate he has to go back until March but that's just part of life I guess, I'm just glad he's home. We're proud of him."

But for this short stop home, you can be sure the Landens are going to pack a lot in.

"I can't wait to spend some quality time with my wife and my son."

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com

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