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Deer hunters have a new tool in their arsenal

Deer season is practically the Super Bowl for hunters, and it begins tomorrow. Hunters will have some new technology to utilize this season to make their hunts more successful.

KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on how hunters may not have to stay downwind anymore.

Its an annual test of skill between hunter and the hunted. At places like Gander Mountainm hunters are getting camos, stands, and every gadget for the hunt.

"Scent prevention products, that's the major seller right now. We have been gearing up for this for 9 months, this is our time to shine this is when we get geared up to go," said Jason Thompson with Gander Mountain sales.

And this season deer hunters will have a new weapon in their arsenal. Every season hunters are looking for an edge, no longer to they have top stay down wind, this year's edge is this little black box, its electronic scent control, and here's how it works. Developed by Ozonics, the battery powered box renders you invisible to an animal's sense of smell.

"Basically what we're using is ozone. All we're trying to do is get the ozone out of the machine between you and the animal, so when your odor hits the animal it hits that ozone shield and is destroyed. We're basically producing lightning in a box," said Dennis Fink, an Ozonics partner.  

Allowing hunters to get a deer close enough for a clean shot and not just wound it.

"Does it work? And the answer is yes! We're just trying to apply basic science to hunting, that's all we're doing."

But hunters still have to rely on their own skills and patience for success. The machine doesn't work in a swirling, gusting wind. Oddly enough, it was developed in a dentist's office, using ozone to purify air. The Ozonics HR100 is available at Gander Mountain in Tyler for...wait for it...$499.99.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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