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Halloween Safety

   When it comes to halloween, most kids care about the candy and the costume.  Some careful planning can help make the evening fun and safe.

   Pediatrician Jennifer Shu says it all starts with picking an outfit that fits, "Make sure it's not too long to avoid tripping. Make sure the costume is fire-retardant and finally, use reflective material or something light so that children can be seen at night in the dark. "

   Accessories can also create a safety hazard. Some of these accessories are really large, so you want to make sure they're not bigger than the child and that they do have rounded edges and are made of plastic, rather than metal. Also, make sure there aren't any small parts that can be broken off.

   Dr. Shu warns parents to supervise their young children and teach them never to go into a stranger's house. And, as for all that candy: make sure there is nothing that is already opened or anything that could be a choking hazard for younger children.

Plus don't forget the rule, "When in doubt, throw it out."


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