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Election Troubleshooting Takes Center Stage In East Texas

Kathie Wittner, Rusk County Elections Manager, said the only problem she's had so far was someone getting the wrong ballot.  She said that problem was quickly corrected.

"We test all of our ballots, we test all of our machines, and every afternoon when we close, we balance to [see] how many people voted by machine, how many voted by ballot, and how many signed the register."

Elections offices all over East Texas are not taking chances.

"We have tech support from the actual voting equipment company," said Karen Chaney, Smith County Elections Administrator.  She said those individuals will be in the area all day long on election day.

An error forced Chaney's office to reprogram her boxes and correct thousands of paper ballots before early voting began. 

Chaney said a phone bank will also be set up in her office to take the flood of election day calls and questions. 

Then there is the issue of the flood of election day voters.

"There will be increased patrol on election day," said Bill Stoudt, Gregg County Judge.  "Our security at the courthouse has been very tight, and we expect no problems."

"Every single person that is in line by 7 p.m. will be able to cast their vote," said Chaney.

Even if you happen to be at the wrong polling location, provisional ballots should be on-hand.  "It gives that voter a chance to actually vote and those provisional ballots are actually looked at in the elections office," she said.

In some Mississippi counties, there were more registered voters than there were people.  The problem: not clearing non-voters and deceased voters from the list.

Local election officials said that in Texas, that will not be an issue.

"The state automatically figures, if you haven't voted in two years, or bothered to correct your address, we're going to assume that you're no longer here, or eligible to vote--they cancel it," said Wittner.

But as long as you are registered, all you'll need is your registration card, or a photo ID, or even your utility bill to sign in and cast your ballot.

Layron Livingston, llivingston@kltv.com


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