New York Fire Marshal Brings Story To East Texas

Like every other American, Fire Marshal Mike Brady's life changed last September eleventh. "We saw the second plane hit on TV. I knew I would have to go to work."

Brady is a Fire Marshall in New York, serving the Bronx for eight years. His assignment was a greusome, but neccesary. He identified the remains of other firemen.

"That's a job I did for five months. I worked at the morgue 24 hours a day once a week, just assisting in identifying the remains. It was a difficult job...very difficult."

Brady worked, until there was nothing else left to do. "They shut us down. It was February when they found out that there was nothing more to be recovered."

While the city rebuilt, Brady felt something out of the ordinary . "When the attacks first happened, people were wonderful. New York City is not famous for its warm and friendly attitude, but people did come together and loved each other and supported each other."

A year later, Brady finds his priorities have shifted. "It definitely drew me closer to the Lord and my church, because I see now that that's where I get my strength from.  It's changed my relationship with my family. I realize how precious they are and that nobody has a guarantee of tomorrow."

Tomorrow, Brady will return to New York. He'll be back at work on September eleventh.