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Campbell Recovering After More Back Surgery

AUSTIN (AP) - More of Heisman Trophy winner Earl Campbell's time these days at the University of Texas is spent off the football field -- and on the track.

Campbell, who over the summer had additional back surgery in Houston, says he tries to walk a couple of laps each day on the campus as part of his rehab.

Campbell, in an interview with KVUE-TV, says he feels better, no longer walking bent over, since having screws taken out of his back.

Campbell, 53, says he still has "a little pain," but nothing like before.

Campbell's ailments, including bone spurs, were obvious in mid-2007, when he used a walker during part of the weekend ceremony when he was saluted by the Heisman Winners Association.

The honor for the ex-running back came 30 years after Campbell won the Heisman.

Campbell says a doctor once told him he was born with an incorrect spine.

He says another physician later told him it wasn't his spine. Campbell says that doctor told him there was "a Pittsburgh helmet on your back."

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