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After her meth nightmare, young East Texas woman shares story with others

A former Gilmer student is doing what she can to help get out the message that methamphetamine destroys lives - and she speaks from experience.

KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on Misty Thrapp, who nearly lost her life because of meth.

Misty Thrapp, 20, is no stranger to the world of methamphetamine use.

"Someone introduced me to it that I thought was a friend, and [they] were not, and I got addicted as soon as I tried it, and then I started doing it every day, hard," said Misty.

"Wow, that could be me, because it's just weird that a girl that young could be so addicted it just scared me, its just a sad story," said Katie Tayler, a Gilmer High School senior.

High for a week once in 2005, she got behind the wheel of a car, crashed, and was left in a coma.

"I still can't remember my wreck," said Misty. "God shook me so hard that I learned it's not worth losing my life over it."

She spends her time now educating young East Texans about how meth can overpower them, and take over their life.

"They push away friends, push away totally changes them on who they are," said Misty.

"As young as she is, and having that impact her life the way it did, these students can actually see, 'hey, this really can affect my life. Look what it did to her'," said counselor Crata Johnson.

Misty hopes talking about her mistake will help these students make the right choice.

"I want to tell the kids about my story and hopefully it will impact them since I'm not much older than them."

Misty currently attends Northeast Texas Community College, and is studying to become a paramedic.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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