Kidney Transplant With a Special Twist

Every day Tony Dotson gets his son Dakota ready for school. But these days he's moving a little slower than he used to because 10 years ago his kidneys started to fail him.

"They did a biopsy on my kidney and found out the kidneys were causing the problem that in turn was basically killing me," says Tony.

"I can't tell you how confining it has made my life -- not to mention the pain and the agony I have gone through due to the renal failure."

For years he's needed a transplant, and by a strange twist of fate, a donor was in his life all along.

"One day," Tony explains, "he came forward out of the blue and said hey look I am tired of seeing you sick -- can I help you and donate a kidney."

His friend and brother in the Cossacks Motorcycle club named Chicken Hawk offered his kidney.

"I got red of watching him hobble around and not do things," said ChickenHawk."I want him to ride his motorcycle with me."

Amazingly Chicken Hawk was a practically perfect match.

"I don't mean to sound cliche but it's like it was meant to be," said Tony.

Together Tony, ChickenHawk and the Cossacks caravanned to ETMC for his transplant.

Chicken hawk and Tony underwent the surgery on September 6th. Doctors say it went very well and that they are in good condition.

Chicken hawk says he was just happy to help make Tony's life a little better and a lot easier.

"We take care of our own. He's my brother. I love him to death I'd do anything for him.