Bureau of Labor Releases Job Salaries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found out who made the most and least in 2000.

How did your profession fare?

The survey says -- waiters have one of the lowest paying jobs in America. However, local waitresses Stephanie Molloy and Irma Buckley say that changes when tips come in. Both work at Armadillo Willy's Steakhouse and Saloon.

"Ninety percent of our salary is dependent on what people leave us," says Buckley. "And I don't think a lot of people realize that"

Just on salary, the girls make $2.15 per hour. On a good day, they can quadruple that pay.

"I think Saturday night is the best time to work because a lot of people eat out, and you have a lot of customers," says Stephanie.

The list of lowest paid occupations includes fast-food cooks and servers, cafeteria workers, waiters and casino dealers. The top salaries go to physicians and surgeons, followed by dentists, CEOS, airline pilots and podiatrists.

Dentist Kirk Hampton takes the study lightheartedly.

"Everybody seems to think that doctors make money," he says. "And you know we all think professional athletes make money. I think dentistry has been a very rewarding field for most of us that are in it."

With dentistry taking 8 years of study, lofty student loans are expected. But even still it's a profession Dr. Hampton is quick to recommend.

"Dentistry is about one of the best choices you could make right now."