West Nile Virus Concerns Hunters, Fishermen

For some people whose hobby requires extreme hours, the threat of the West Nile virus requires vigilance. Hunter and fisherman Andy Miller explains, "You get up early in the morning or late in the evening, and that's mainly when mosquitos are out. You've got to take protection. I use Repel to keep the mosquitos off of me and long pants in the morning, long shirt mornings and afternoons."

With dove season underway, hunters are seeking out protection to stay safe from exposure. Porter's Sporting Goods Manager Gene McLeod says, "I'm selling a lot more Repel that's got DEET in it, and a lot more long sleeve shirts."

With temperatures still at summer levels, some hunters don't feel like covering their arms and legs. Authorities stress using an insect repellant with DEET. Game Warden Chris Green says, "A lot of people don't like the discomfort. They'd rather deal with the mosquitos with some sort of insect repellent or Skin-So-Soft."