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East Texas feel the relief as gas prices plummet

The pain at the pump has gone from a punch to the stomach to a mere pinch on the arm. At some Tyler stations today, gas prices have dropped to just $2.15. In Longview, prices were around $2.28. Both are below the state average of $2.38, and the national average of $2.62.

KLTV 7's Molly Reuter talked to East Texas drivers today who almost can't wait to fill up just to see how much they have saved.

Ten dollars here, maybe 20 dollars there. For many East Texans, it's been months since they've filled up at the gas station.

"I work day to day, so I buy my gas day to day, so I hadn't put 22 gallons in my truck in over a year," said Ricky Allen.

A sigh of relief just may be an understatement. During hard economic times these drivers say any little bit helps.

"It's phenomenal... I'm very happy," said Allen.

"Tremendously different," said Don Bedwell, who was travelling from Georgia.

"A lot better... A whole lot better," said Darreell Severs.

So how much are East Texans saving at the pump? Shelly Reynolds says she went from paying $60 2 months ago to just more than $40 today. She says she hasn't seen gas this low until two years ago.

And the big Suburban gas tank - Dustin Akins says isn't so bad right now.

"Back in the summer when we were traveling it was around $170 to fill up, and it's about $100, $110 now," said Dustin Akins.

The question now is: How long will the low prices last?

Mike Bentley, the owner of this Tyler Chevron station says prices have dropped more than $1.40 in just a week.

"I never thought we would see 2 dollars a gallon of gas again...I wouldn't be surprised to see it around 1.99 the first of next week," said Mike Bentley.

We also received this picture from a viewer in Sulphur Springs. Gas there dropped below two dollars to $1.94.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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