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House burns to the ground on Old Omen Road

Two East Texas boys were picked up from school this afternoon, not knowing the house they left from this morning gone. A fire started in their home around 12:30 this afternoon in the 15000 block of Old Omen Road in Chapel Hill. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper was on the scene as the family and firefighters battled to save what they could.

"I got a call. At first I couldn't understand who it was," said Jerry Terry.

Terry rushed to his son's house. He found it fully engulfed with smoke billowing in the air. His daughter-in-law Elizabeth was hyperventilating.

"She was sitting over here. They had her on oxygen and breathing in a bag," said Terry.

Fire marshals say Elizabeth was in the kitchen when she heard a loud bang coming from the front porch. When she turned around, she saw fire coming in the front door.

"She started grabbing picture albums and things like that," said Terry. "She couldn't get back into the house because it was too hot. So she just left everything else."

A few photo albums - that is all Elizabeth and her family have left. Her husband was at work and her two teenage sons at school, all their belongings destroyed.

"Everything. They have nothing right now, absolutely nothing. It burnt the side of her car over there," said Terry.

Chapel Hill responded to the house, and got help from Whitehouse and Arp.

The Terrys had lived in this house for 5 years, and did have insurance.

"The insurance is a blessing. But this is kinda devastating. Anytime you lose your house, all your clothes, he lost all his guns," said Terry.

Doctors say Elizabeth should be fine and their dog made it out safely. Now, this East Texas family will cope with what the fire left behind.

A tragedy fund has been set up for the family at Arp State Bank. The name on the account is Michael Terry fire fund.

Fire marshals say the cause is still under investigation, but they do know it started on or near the front porch.

Danielle Capper, reporting.

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