Clean Up Soon To Begin For Courthouse Mold

The last testing phase done in the Henderson County Courthouse was several months allergen called Aspergillius was found everywhere, but it is said not to be toxic. The only traces of toxic mold, Stachybotris were found in such low levels that specialists aren't concerned!

But, that doesn't mean the building doesn't need to be cleaned up and repaired. The Aspergillius had been visibly growing in many rooms, on books and even in files. Thursday morning, Environmental Specialist Dan Guiter said the source of these reoccurring mold problems comes from too much humidity in the building. To fix that, the ventilation system needs to be upgraded and repaired.

But the main concern for most people is, how harmful is the stachybotris? They want to know if the 43 spores found are deadly or not, "Those 43 spores could be brought in on a cattle ranchers shoe if he's feeding moldy hay for instance so that's not a concern."

Guiter adds, "The particular aspergillius we found in this building actually has no medical significance so, health wise they're not at risk of being exposed to any pathogens--it's more or less just an allergen."

The price tag attached to the clean up can run up to 7-hundred thousand dollars! Commissioner say the cost is budgeted. Also, the stachybotris found--has already been cleaned as long as there are no more water leaks, everything should be safe. Commissioners will be bidding the job soon...hoping to start the clean up 60 days.