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Proud of East Texas: Goodman Ghosts

The Goodman-LeGrande House Museum is one of Tyler's true historic gems. Built in 1859, the palatial home was bequeathed to the city by Sallie Goodman LeGrand upon her passing

With the original furnishings and belongings still in place, it's no wonder the home still seems to be occupied by spirits of the past. Visitors have reported voices when no one was there, the sound of parties that were over a century ago, the aroma of perfume in Sallie's bedroom and music when no one was playing.

Curator Patricia Heaton has heard the sound of waltzes several times and has not been able to find a plausible explanation. Former Curator Bob Sexton always had an eerie feeling when he entered a Etta Goodman's bedroom. It's the same bedroom that visitors report a similar feeling of being watched. There have been many stories of unexplained phenomena over the years, and whether it's spirits from the past or just imagination is up to the individual to decide.

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