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10/23/08- Diana

Freedom Fighters: Floyd Pendarvis

Floyd Pendarvis joined the Army in 1958 to make enough money to marry his sweetheart Glenda. Within a week of arriving in Korea, Pendarvis was taken prisoner and spent the next 37 months as a POW of the North Koreans. Survival was a constant challenge. Pendarvis survived a "death march" in fifty below zero temperatures, without food, and with constant beatings.

Ausust 5, 1953, Pendarvis was released from captivity, 98 pounds lighter, blind in one eye from Histoplasoses, and unable to walk because of vicious beatings. When he returned home, he found that Glenda had married aother man.

If there is a silver lining in this story of sacrifice , it's that 54 years later, after Pendarvis had married and lost his wife to illness, he and his first love Genda found each other and were married August 4, 2007. "Meant To Be" is inscribed on their wedding photo.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting


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