Rusk Convenience Store Devastated by Kidnappings and Murder

BDJ's convenience store didn't open its doors Wednesday morning out of respect for a death in their family.

"Some are family members and even the ones that are not are like family members so we're very close to all of them so it was very devastating," says Jan Pate.

A beloved customer, Kenneth Vandever was allegedly murdered by Buenka Adams and Richard Cobb Monday night after they robbed the store then kidnapped Vandever and two employees, Candice Driver and Nikki Ansley.

"We thank our God that the two girls was delivered again. I say we are sorry to the Vandevers," says the convenience store owner.

Kenneth Vandever was more than just a customer to Pate he was kind of like one of the family. He spent many days sipping coffee right outside their doors. In fact, he even told them he was their guardian angel. They never knew how true those words would be.

Had Candice Driver and Nikki Ansley not played dead after being shot, they too may not have survived. Driver was able to recount those frightening moments to her boss and pastor.

"She said while she was in the trunk of the vehicle," says Pate. "The only thing she could remember was brother Pate preaching last Sunday keep the name of Jesus on the end of your tongue and she said they could hear me all the way to Alto."

It seems Vandever had felt threatened by his alleged murderers before. His parents told police Adams and a white male had been to their house for some unknown reason, now no one will ever no why.