Report Says Courthouse Mold Has Not Spread

Good news for employees working inside the Smith County Courthouse.

Preliminary tests indicate air samples taken from the 3rd and 4th floors do not contain toxic mold spores. But, several types of mold were found in three district attorney offices. At least one of the growths was Stachybotrys, a toxic black mold.

Smith County Judge Larry Craig believes leakage from a fifth floor jail caused the mold samples. Those leaks have since been repaired. ERI Consulting Inc. in Tyler plans to do more testing, but nothing potentially harmful to employees has been found.

"We have asked them if the offices up their should be vacated at this time," said Judge Craig. "A professional says unless someone is having problems, he didn't see a real big problem with it."

Specialists with ERI Consulting Inc. will release a full-report later. The report will include ways to abate the mold problem.