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7 Questions With Aaron Johnson

Reid: What's been your best game this year?
Aaron: Probably be the Mt. Pleasant game. Running, maybe the Teaxs High game.

Reid: What's your favorite class?
Aaron: Pre-Calc. Math is my favorite subject.

Reid: What's your favorite place to eat?
Aaron: Ruby Tuesdays or TGI Fridays.

Reid: What would your dream job be?
Aaron: Making software for gaming. me and my friend play Soul Caliber 4 & Ninja Gaiden 2.

Reid: Favorite TV show?
Aaron: Old school. Tom & Jerry. That's my favorite.

Reid: Favorite sandwich?
Aaron: Stack up three layers of meat, throw some cheese in between it. It doesn't matter what the meat is, as long as I like it, it's good.

Reid: Why do you wear #10?
Aaron: 10 is a lot of things in my life. My graduation year is 2010, my birthday is October 10. I'll turn 18 on 10/10/10. I thought about all of that before I picked out my number.

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