Tyler Doc Completes New Back Pain Research

If you are over 30, there is a nine in ten chance you'll eventually suffer from back pain. But a new study done entirely in East Texas may have confirmed a new treatment for relief.

Dr. Kevin Pauza worked for two years on the study with ETMC. He looked into the new IntraDiscal ElectroThermal therapy, called "IDET" for chronic back patients. In the proceedure, a doctor inserts a radio wave heated needle into a disk in the spine. The treatment significantly reduced the back pain in a majority of patients.

Pauza says this is the first time the technique was tested while using a control placebo group, and turned up some surprising results.  "In the treatment group, the depression levels all improved unbeknownst to what they received. So, for the first time, we were able to treat an area of the body that's the lower back, and affect something in the brain psychologically."

ETMC donated $1.1 million to fund the study, including free rehabilitation for all of the patients.