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East Texas seniors tell us which issues are important to them

Seniors make up a large voting block in the United States. Today, our East Texas seniors shared what was important to them with KLTV 7's Layron Livingston. And when it comes to this election, they have a lot to say.

"As you get older, your concerns change," said Chuck Wiginton.

Back in 1957, Chuck Wiginton played base for the king himself. Chuck was a lot younger then.

"Healthcare is real important when you age," said Chuck Wiginton.

"If it gets too expensive, what will we do for health...we won't be able to pay for it," said Sarah Ford.

For some seniors, the worries don't end with healthcare. There's also the economy.

"Right now, they're concerned because they're losing all their retirement, future pensions," said Trini Saucedo.

"Not really worried about that as much...as I am, the regular day to day living for people who are a lot younger than I am," said Nona Bickerstaff.

Issue number one for Ruby Curry is, "Taxes...I live on fixed income, and my property tax is already out of sight, and I don't want them to go any higher."

As for which candidate is more fit to address these concerns, feelings are mixed.

"I'm not really high on either one of them," said Greta Fleming.

"I'm just sort of independent...just trying to make up my mind," said Steve Fleming.

"We're looking forward to someone who's going to make America great again...like what it used to be," said Leon Henderson.

But there is some consensus.

"Your vote counts...every vote counts," said Sarah Ford.

"Whoever is elected president, we're going to make it...because America is the best place in the world to live...and I'm proud to be an American," said James Nelson.

According to a US Census bureau report, citizens age 65 and older had the highest voter registration rate during the last presidential election.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com


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