Perfect Pancake: "Does It Work?"

You've seen the "Perfect Pancake" on TV. Nice, round pancakes just like you'd get at your favorite breakfast stop. Question is... "Does it work?"

The box says, fast, fluffy and delicious, without added fat. "Easy flip pan, no spatula needed, non- stick surface." The Perfect Pancake promises a lot. Cindy Moore will help us see if it can live up to all that.

We pre-treated the pan for first use, just as the instructions indicated. A half cup of batter and we're on our way.

The directions say to cook the batter for 4 minutes on each side at medium heat. When it starts getting a little brown around the edges and the batter starts bubbling on top, you flip the pan to cook the other side. If all goes well, the pancake will drop and cook the other side.

Our first flip didn't go so well.

"It's still on the top. It's stuck to the top. Oh, my heavens," said Cindy. We tried to shake it loose--get it to fall-- but finally had to break down and use a spatula.

"I think we may have left it a little bit too long on the first side-- a little too long before we flipped it," Cindy said.

A couple of minutes later... we had a pancake that was a little dark on one side. Not exactly what they show on the box. We tried it again, and this time turned the stove down just a bit and reduced the cooking time by one minute.

"It fell. It worked," says Cindy. Three minutes later we had a pretty good looking pancake. "Looks really good on that side."

Next time it stuck again. "It did not fall," said Cindy. Once again, it's the spatula to the rescue. Eventually though, another nice looking pancake. But keep in mind, we're 20-25 minutes into this thing and we only have 3 pancakes to show for it.

"It is just taking a really long time," says Cindy.

Was the easy flip pan all that easy? Was it really spatula free? No and No. We weren't impressed with the "non-stick" coating. And it certainly wasn't fast. "Maybe if you were preparing breakfast for just one or two people," says Cindy. "But I would not find it very convenient for a family."

The ones that worked out looked great. But is it fast? Is it perfect? Sorry. We'll stick with the plain ol' skillet. We give the perfect pancake... a "no".

To make matters worse, the Perfect Pancake broke at the hinges the second time we used it.