Cops and Cows Ticket Good Drivers

If you travel through Whitehouse, you may get pulled over for good driving.

Tuesday afternoon, police began pulling over people who were wearing their seatbelts and obeying all of the traffic laws. Instead of getting tickets, the safe drivers got coupons to Chick-Fil-A restaurants for free food. Police say the program is an opportunity to give positive reinforcement for good driving habits.

Tyler Chick-Fil-A Owner, Ed King, says he introduced the idea to Whitehouse Police to help improve the community.

   "We want to help the amount of accidents and fatalities that have happened here in Whitehouse. And, if we can be a small part of that, we feel we can be a benefit to everybody that's concerned."

The Chick-Fil-A Safe Driver Reward program began three years ago with a police department in Georgia.