Arrests Made In Convenience Store Abduction, Murder

Shortly before midnight Monday night, Rusk police became aware the BDF convenience store was open, but empty. Investigation provided a chilling reason for the unmanned store.

According to Rusk police, 19 year old Buenka Adams and 18 year old Richard Cobb had come into the store, robbed it of $1200, and taken three people away in one of the employee's cars. They were driven to a county road in Alto. All three were shot with a shotgun.

The two employees survived the shotgun blasts. However, a third victim, a customer at the store, Kenneth Vandever died at the scene.

Police acted quickly, working on information passed along by one of the survivors. Shortly before noon, two arrests were made in Jacksonville. Police say the case was solved so quickly because of the survivor's description.

"She were real lucky," Rusk Police Chief Larry Robertson said. "That was instrumental in the investigation and they had vague details and through other officers and deputies talking we was able to come up with it."

Both men were arraigned on capital murder charges this afternoon. Bail has been denied.