Good Samaritan Helps Broken Down Motorist

A man in his early twenties, driving a work van, has been seen looking for helpless drivers broken down on the side of the road.

No, he's not a criminal he's a good samaritan on a mission.

Andy Teel with his van is the good samaritan.

Andy's job?

Helping you when you're helpless.

His work day starts bright and early. "Get in the van about 6 driving to Henderson, Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, just riding the roads looking for people to help," says Andy.

Andy and his van drive all over East Texas looking for motorist who's cars have broken down.

He can fill up a low tire or change a flat one.

He can give you gasoline if you've run out of gas.

"If it's something I can't do I'll either wait with 'em, give 'em a ride somewhere or call someone to come tow 'em," says Andy.

Andy's job as a good samaritan on the road is only his day job by night he's also a youth minister for a local church and in his spare time Andy's also the lead singer in a Christian rock band.

"God has defentely blessed me with an awesome job, awesome friends, a ministry in a job and a ministry out of a job," says Andy.

So how did Andy get this job?

First he said he prayed for a way to both make a living and help others. Then he said Dusty Rhodes Ford offered him the perfect way to do both.

I mean it was the answer to every prayer I prayed on the way to work I mean specifically just everything I needed and wanted to do.

So maybe the next time you're having car trouble look for the good samaritan and his van because he's certainly looking for you.

Andy stops driving through East Texas around 6 p.m.

One note: the good samaritan is only allowed to find motorist who have broken down.

He cannot respond to calls for help.