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Gilmer authorities search for Pigeon Drop suspects

East Texas law enforcement agencies are still on the lookout for a pair of scam artists, now suspected of pulling several attempts at a scam called a Pigeon Drop.  Authorities are now trying to find the suspects before more are victimized.

Police ETMC-Gilmer security video shows a female suspect who had just tried to scam a patient.  Investigators suspect her in at least two Pigeon Drops in East Texas.  A Pigeon Drop is when the victim is convinced to give up some money in order to secure the rights to a larger sum of money.

"She does not seem threatening in any way, but she does have an accomplice that we haven't identified who that is," said Gilmer Police Detective Roxanne Warren.  She's suspected in several other similar scams from Dallas to Shreveport.  In two East Texas cases,  the woman approaches a victim, one case at Wal-mart in Gilmer.  Very polite and seeming sincere, the victim in this case was taken for $8,000. 

In each instance the methods are the same, the suspect picks out an elderly victim and claims to have come into a large amount of money and needs their assistance to split it, but it always costs the victim the money.  Investigators say the scammers target high traffic areas like Wal-mart parking lots and hospitals, looking for elderly victims.  Surprisingly many people go for the scam, and police think this woman is not done yet, and she has help.

"We have seen her on video getting out of a vehicle just prior to approaching our victims, so there are going to be two people playing a part in this scam," said Warren.  The female suspect is described as a white female in her late 50's, medium build and possibly wearing a wig.  There is no description of her accomplice.  If you are approached by anyone claiming to have found a large amount of cash, police say do not front them any money.  If you have any information on these cases, your asked to call your local police department.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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