Mass Labor Day Lay-Off

Just as Labor Day comes to an end, thousands of American Workers are told they will not have jobs on Tuesday. National trucking company, Consolidated Freight ways, terminated over 15-thousand employees on Labor Day. About 15 reside in East Texas.

The employees were instructed to dial a 1-800 number. When they called, a recorded message from CEO John Brincko told them not to report to work. He said the company was unable to obtain financing from lenders to keep their business going.

   Stacy Spangler, who's been a clerk at the company for six years, says she heard the company was having troubles but trying to rebound. The words "laid-off" never came into play, according to Spangler.

"I definitely feel like they weren't forthcoming with the information," she said from her Pritchett home Monday. "There was just a lot of rumors."

CEO John Brincko said the company would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and try to get employees two weeks pay. But as of now, the two week paychecks are up in the air, and so are thousands of peoples' futures.

   "It happened all of a sudden," said Spangler. "Here I am planning to get up and have a normal day, and now I'm getting up to find a job."