Union Workers Gather For Labor Day Celebration

Labor day picnics sprung up across East Texas Monday.

Most workers attending the functions were glad to have the day off, but one group says they're hoping to get back to work.

Members of the United Steele Workers Union mingled with guests at a picnic on Highway 31. The union represents 200 Mansfield Plumbing workers, who've been out of work for over 90 days.

Union representative, Jesse Villareal, says they're waiting to return to the negotiation table, but adds that being without work has given them a new prospective on Labor Day.

"We are very grateful because we know that there's a lot of people standing behind us" says Villareal. And Labor Day is for people, and for workers all over the world. And to us this day means a lot."

Labor Day also marks the beginning of the campaign season. Local campaigns will be in full-swing from now until the November election.