East Texas Enjoy Labor Day

When you walked out of your door Labor Day morning, it wasn't your typical day. Instead you probably walked out to one more day to play.

East Texans took to the water this Labor Day.

We found them at the Courthouse Athletic Club and Lake Gladewater.

"It'll be the last day we go to the lake 'til next summer," says says Teresa Hooker.

"I came out here to tan, get a tan ya know and keep it for the winter and stuff," says Stephanie Iwan.

"Well actually we were planning on going to the lake but I got my belly button pierced so I can't get into the lake so I came here to the Courthouse," says Michelle Coffey. She continues,
"It hurt real bad. Don't do it, don't do it."

Although most people took a day off from work not everyone took a day off from working.

We also found people working out at the Courthouse Athletic Club.

"Just to keep in shape and look okay," says one workout queen.

And while Monday meant another day relaxing and enjoying the sun, Tuesday means back to work or school.

"Yes this is it. Gotta go back to school tomorrow," says Brandon Becker.

"We have to go to school. I don't like it one bit," says Michelle Coffey.

"Ya know, gotta make a pay check," says Teresa Hooker.

And so this was it. A day filled with swimming, tubing and boating.

But you might as well enjoy it while it last because Tuesday, the holiday is over.