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We talk to our own 'Plumber Joes'

The now fabled Plumber Joe's question shined a light on the proposed tax policy of the candidates, and in some ways, plumbers. Keeping in mind that 'plumbers' represent average Joes, we wanted to find out what a couple of local plumbers, small business owners, think about their newfound celebrity, and the economy. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane found out.

The owners of McIntyre Plumbing and American Plumbing were both watching as Joe's name clogged the airwaves.

Wayne McIntyre and Milton Vanderpool say 'Plumber Joe' has become a voice for small business owners.

"Joe the plumber was right. Why should he work like me and all the other contractors in this town...why should they work hard so that they have to be taxed to give it to people who don't have to work at all. That's not right," said Wayne.

"That translates to me as small businessman that there's going to be more expense and more government interference and telling me how to run my business," said Milton.

But today, Obama maintained his tax plan will help most middle class Americans by only taxing those who make more than $250,000 a year.

"Here's the truth, John McCain and I are both offering tax cuts. The difference is he wants to give 200 billion dollars in tax cuts to the biggest corporations in America, but he gives nothing at all to over 100 million Americans," said Obama.

One of Joe the Plumber's main points was how tough it is to start a business. We asked our plumbers to think back to when they had to take that first step.

"Whether it's change a light bulb or change a commode I did it all at that point," said Milton.

But both say it'd be much harder now, in today's economy.

"Skilled labor is hard to find these days," said Milton.

"This day in time, with being in the plumbing business it's tough. With the economy it is today there's not hardly any building going on. And if you had to start a business today with this kind of stuff going on it'd be really hard," said Wayne.

Echoing the concerns of struggling Americans with that one question from an ordinary American - a plumber - an average Joe.

In the meantime, Plumber Joe has become a sort of folk hero. He's been interviewed on national TV today, he's getting a lot of hits on his facebook page, and now there are even tshirts with Plumber Joe's face and name on them.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com

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