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School Gives Student Wrong Prescription

Amber Rogers says her son, who is a second grader at Montgomery elementary was suppose to be treated for ant bites.  

 "My son went in for a cream but they actually gave him a pill that was prescribed for another child to treat epilepsy. The school told me that the principals secretary had given my child the medication by accident. It's scary to know that this can go on and that my child could have died from it," said Rogers.

Amber ended up taking her son to a hospital for treatment because he suffered from nausea and vomiting.

 "I set in the hospital watching my child and wondering the hold time was he going to have an allergic reaction," said Rogers. 

Henderson ISD Superintendent Bobby Brown admits the school made a mistake, but says safeguards are already going in place to keep it from happening a second time.

"We've redoubled our efforts to make sure than noting of this nature could happen again although you never can guarantee," said Brown.

Rogers says this admission and promise to fix the problem was not the first reaction she got from the school.

"They sent me a letter saying the school has no liability for what happens to your child while they're on campus. If its a direct impact or something that they did they still don't want to claim liability or responsibility and that's scary," said Rogers. 

The schools policy states that with parent's permission a designated employee can administer medication to students but Rogers says she did not give the school her consent.

"You think your child is going to be safe and then the next thing you know when something happens to your child that's the schools fault, they throw their hands in the air and say sorry we're not responsible," said Rogers.

We asked Henderson ISD if any reprimand or action was taken against the employee but the superintendent could not release that info, citing privacy laws.

The school also would not comment on Mrs. Rogers' claim that she did not give the school consent to give her child medication.

The school released this statement:

"Henderson ISD acknowledges that a student was inadvertently provided a single dose of a prescription drug that was not prescribed for the student who received the drug.  The district informed the student's parent and the student was seen by local medical providers. Thankfully, the student suffered no ill effects. The District regrets that this happened and continues in its efforts to see that it does not happen again."

Bobby Brown, HISD Superintendent

 LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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