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10/14/08- Longview

East Texas Students Ask Questions In Presidential Debate

They are the most sought after group of voters--the youth.

Only five out of 400 Longview High School students were picked by "Hip Hop Vote" to ask the presidential candidates questions at the final debate to be held on Wednesday night. 

LHS Senior Carrianne Lippitz's questions to Senators Obama and McCain is of a more personal nature.

 "My questions very important to me because I've been living with type one diabetes for over half of my life. Its become an integral part of my everyday life and what I do and what I can't do and I just wanted to know how far they are progressing and what they would do to contribute to this cause?" said Lippitz.

 Longview High School senior Tanreka Smith says she's concerned about women's rights.

 "My question that I asked Senator McCain was about the issue of abortion and why he would like to support it.  The reason I chose this question is because I feel that privacy and the right to choice is one of the most fundamental rights that we have as women?"said Smith.

From prayer in school to the economy, the selected Longview High school students want to know where the presidential candidates stand on several issues.

"I was just wondering with all the things that needs to be addressed whether it's medicare, or social security where's the money coming from and which gets top priority?"said T'Corey Wright.

"The students are the future so to be able to ask questions and participate in the election is just really great," said Lippitz.

Longview High School was picked along with hundreds of other high schools across the nation to ask questions of the candidates.

Unfortunately, only some students will have the chance to get their question aired during the debate Wednesday night.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com

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