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McCain-Palin Yard Signs Missing In East Texas Community

An update now on a story we brought you Monday.  The people captured in a photo taking an Obama-Biden sign Sunday night from a Hideaway yard have been charged with theft of $5, a Class C Misdemeanor.  Smith County Constable Dennis Taylor said they have been ticketed and will be required to appear in court.

One Holly Lake Ranch resident saw our story Monday and said her sign is also missing, only this time it's a McCain/Palin sign.  She also said it's happening all around her.  The neighborhood, however, said it will not be intimidated.  

Mary Ann Yowell of Holly Lake Ranch said she was shocked to find someone took her McCain/Palin sign from her yard.

"I think it's sad because we are all Americans," said Yowell.  "We are all Americans, and why are we stooping so low because it's not going to make a difference if she had my sign." 

Last week, Yowell said her neighbor saw a woman drive up in a golf cart and steal her sign. 

"I just think it's a sign of our times, and that's very disheartening because I have always been so patriotic," said Yowell.  "We can all disagree, but we are still all Americans, and we have the right to disagree."

"It irritates me," said Holly Lake Ranch resident Gail Adams. 

Adams has two McCain signs in her yard.  At first, she said she was worried her sign would disappear.

"I took it in, but I thought I'm not going to give in to that, so I put it out," said Adams. 

Yowell has yet to replace her McCain sign, but Adams said her signs will stay in her yard until election day.  

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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