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Think Pink: Jail Painted Hot Pink

Its the new decorating trend that seems to be catching on in East Texas jails. It was last year that Van Zandt County decided to deter repeat offenders by painting their jail pink.

Now Gun Barrel City in Henderson county has become the second in East Texas, and perhaps gone a little brighter with their own pink tone.

"It's very bright. Brighter than we thought it was going to be," said Kalon Rollins, Gun Barrel City Police Department.

Pink-that's the color the Police Department decided to re-paint their jail.

In need of upgrades, they thought this

"The jail had not been painted at all since it was first built. We decided we would go ahead and update. When we did the assitant chief decided pink would be a good color following Van Zandt County Jail.

The idea behind these pink jail's teenage girls may like the color, but most inmates won't

"So we were kinda hoping. Especially our locals, the younger crowd, they wouldn't want to stay very long in a pink jail," said Rollins, "The pink kinda puts a calming effect on the inmates long term."

A stainless steel toilet the only thing not pink everything else including the ceiling hot pink.

They're hoping the color works since these eight bunks are often in use.

It's been two weeks since the paint job and inmates say they were shocked.

"Whenever I first came in I looked over and I saw that it was pink, and I just kinda hung my head down and went on no. Went oh no you know." Nelson Williams, inmate in for traffic violation.

"I was pretty suprised last year when I came it was white. This year it was pink," said Brian McRorey, also in pink jail for traffic misdemeanor charge 

Both in for traffic misdemeanors these guys will be out in a few days, and say this is definitely not an invitation to return.

"Jail doesn't want to make you come back, especially a pink jail," said McRorey.

They are covering their head at night and will give advice to their friends when they leave.

"I'd advise them not to get in trouble and end up in Gun Barrel's pink jail," said Nelson.

Advise police agree with.

"It's a pink jail. Nobody wants to stay in a pink jail," said Rollins.

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Danielle Capper, Reporting.



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