Fishing For Mosquito Relief

Last week, two ore city men were tentatively diagnosed with the flu-like symptoms of the West Nile Virus. While the results from those tests are still out...something as simple as a fish can ward off the virus' culprit, mosquitos.

You might say that Chris Lennon of the Smith County Public Health District is a mosquito's worst nightmare. Because atleast once a year, it's his job to fish for minnows, "I'm using the minnow for mosquito control," tells Lennon. "I'm gonna transplant the minnows to an area. And then the minnow will be there to eat the larva for me."

Transplanted from pond to pond, he encourages folks at home to do the same. By eliminating the larva lingering in ponds and stagnant water--your preventing the onset of new mosquitos. With the west Nile virus rapidly gaining is the Gambusia minnow. They are the little flat head minnow, they'll feed on anything, but they seem to do well where there's mosquitos...hence the mosquito fish.

But were told any fish will do...from guppies, to goldfish and minnows--they'll all eat the larva. Minnows put in ponds usually only have to be replaced once a year, after the winter's freeze.