Can Soy Prevent Breat Cancer?

"Keeping your hormones balanced at this age is important for setting you up for later," says Rachele Short, a proponent of soy diets. She been taking soy every day since she was a teenager, "I want to reduce my risk of getting breast cancer and I know that soy is one of those things."

Her proof is backed by a recent study out of U.C.L.A where women who took soy at least once per week during their adolescent years reduced the risk for breast cancer by half. All it took was an average of 12 milligrams a day! Dr. Kenna Stephenson says the research results are long overdue-- something every woman needs to know about and do, regardless of their age, "Cancer occurs when cell development goes wrong and there's something about genestein--the active ingredient in soy that keeps cells from developing abnormally."

The magic of soy is simple, it's safe! Soy in whole foods has not been shown to cause harm. It's easily available and accessible and it's affordable. All good enough reasons for Rachele, who says she's taking care of her future by taking care of her body today.

A reminder, just because doctors may recommend soy's important not to overload. Dr. Stephenson says a healthy dose is about 20 milligrams a day, that's equivalent to 2 to 3 glasses of soy milk.