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10/13/08-Gregg County

Convicted East Texas Murderer Set To Die

Investigators say it was one of the worst crimes they'd ever seen.

Inside the Morgan's trailer home of Harley Ridge road, the bodies of Jerry, Brenda, and one year old Devin Morgan lay side by side. 

Family members found Jerry shot three times with a 22 caliber pistol, twice in the chest and once in the neck. Brenda was shot in the back of the head and 22 month old Devin was shot in the face.

Authorities say the murder stemmed form a robbery. Brenda Morgan's car was stolen and later found in Tyler.  Alvin Kelly was arrested for the crime.

In 1991, his ex-wife testified that Kelly was the one who shot the Morgan family. Not long after, jurors found him guilty of the crimes, bringing justice for the victim's families.

 At Memory Park Cemetery in Longview a tombstone lies where Jerry, Brenda and Devin are buried. Even though 24 years have passed since their killings, Alvin Kelly still denies being involved.

Now age 57, Kelly told the Longview News Journal he's innocent of the Morgan murders but with his execution date looming, he says he is ready to die.

At the time of Kelly's capital murder sentence he was already serving a 30 year prison sentence to a unrelated murder.

Members of the Morgan family and Kelly's family are expected to witness Tuesday's execution in Huntsville Texas.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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