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Hideaway man captures thieves stealing Obama-Biden sign

It's become a hot item for thieves across East Texas.  Last week, we told you hundreds of Obama-Biden have been stolen from people's yards in Anderson County.  Now, one Smith County man says his signs keep disappearing.  Sunday night, he decided to add some extra security and with a few flashes it paid off.  

His camera has been around the world, but Jonathan Look of Hideaway says nothing compares to the pictures his camera captured Sunday night.

"Sometimes I take pictures of birds, or people, or landscapes, or whatever, but no I'm pretty new to undercover surveillance," said Look.  Because the people in the picture have not yet been charged, we've decided to blur their faces.  Look says it's not the first time he's lost a sign.  Last week, it only took a few hours for his Obama-Biden sign to disappear from his front yard.

"Being advocates of free speech and everything else, we decided to put up another Obama sign," said Look.  This time, however, Look says he and his wife decided to look out for their sign.  They set up their camera with a remote flash, sat on their front porch and waited.

"Sure enough they drove up and my wife said 'oh my god they are stealing the sign', and I was like, 'they are', so I set off the remote, and we caught them."  The flash must have worked because just a few hours later Look says his sign was back.  Still, Look says it's frustrating someone would take the sign in the first place.

"To have our free of speech infringed upon and intimidated, you know having people steal things from your house is pretty intimidating, yeah it does make me mad," said Look.  And his police report, Look says he listed the cost of the sign as $5, but defending against the loss of his freedom of speech; "Priceless," said Look. 

 Smith County Constable Dennis Taylor says he knows who the people in the picture are.  He says they admitted to stealing the sign as a joke and will be charged with theft of five dollars, which is a class c misdemeanor.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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