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Republicans Rally In Tyler's Bergfeld Park

It was a grassroots rally out in the grass.

"I think we have the best ticket going," said Dianne Caron.

Hundreds of McCain-Palin pushers showed up to show their support for the candidates and party they said is best to lead the country.

"Every time an economy starts falling before a presidential election, the party in the White House gets put out, and a different party gets put in," said U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert.  

During his speech, Gohmert rallied his Republican troops.  He said this election cycle can be different.  "We have got to get back to having leaders who represent where America's heart and soul is."

David Henderson, chair of the Smith County Democratic Party said it would not be a smart idea.

"Why would we send the same people who got us into this mess back with the idea that they should clean it up," he said.  Henderson said it's time for the GOP to take responsibility for the country's lack of domestic financial fitness.

"George Bush has been in the White House for eight years--six of those years, there was a Republican majority in the House and in the Senate," he said.  "They all drank the Kool-aid of deregulation and that's what go us into this mess."

Anthony Handy is an Independent.  "If we don't make some decisions right now, at this election, at this time, this country is headed into a decade or two of the same that we've seen over the last month," he said.

Layron Livingston, Reporting


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