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Longview Fire Department Touts Home Sprinklers

The Longview Fire Department today showed why a home fire sprinkler system is never a bad idea.

At Longview's Safety City, fire crews set two 8X8 structures on fire, one equipped with a sprinkler and one without.

Within ten seconds of detecting heat and smoke, the sprinkler system begins dousing the blaze.  The other structure becomes a blazing inferno in less than a minute. Fire marshal's say sprinklers will help save homes and lives.

"Clearly our demonstration has proven the value in home sprinkler systems. Over the past decade we've been averaging 3 to 4-thousand fire related fatalities in the United States a year," says Longview Fire Marshal Thomas Mock.

Fire marshal's say a sprinkler system could reduce the risk of home fire deaths by 82-percent.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.


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