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10/11/08- Tyler

C.H.A.D. Ministry: Choice's Legacy Lives On

It's been more than a year since the leader of an East Texas ministry has passed on, but her vision is still very much alive.

Karen Choice started The C.H.A.D. Ministry in memory of her 8-year old son who was kidnapped and murdered. Saturday, a rally was held for the ministry. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane was there and shows us how Choice's legacy is living on.  

In 1991, 8-year old Chad Choice was kidnapped. Pastor Flora Cobb remembers the suffering Chad's mom Karen went through.

"There were some days I would see Karen, she didn't want to get out of bed. She didn't want to go on. I mean, think about losing your baby and not knowing where he is."

Then in 1999 Patrick Horn was sentenced to death for Chad's murder. Justice was served. Karen learned to forgive. And a vision came.

"It was like ok let's turn this around and use what the devil meant for harm, use it for good," said Cobb.

And that vision still stands today. It's "C.H.A.D.'s House." A temporary home for women and children in crisis.

"I found myself homeless ... and I came here and they've been helping me ever since," said resident Phyllis Harris.  "I've got my foot on the ground, I've got a good job. I've been blessed spiritually, mentally, emotionally. It's a good place to be."

"Even with the economic situation like it is today still there's no reason that people don't have shelter," said Cobb.

Niki Fointno used to live at C.H.A.D.'s House. She remembers how Karen took her in with open arms.

"When I met her it's like I wasn't even a stranger to her. It's like she just opened up her heart to me, it was really great."

Niki is now married and has a good job in sales. Success and happiness that she credits to this ministry.

"It gave me freedom but yet some structure and just the love made a tremendous impact. It's really where I met God and I've never felt so much love. It's kind of been my back-bone, it has been, because I don't have family here."

At Saturday's rally, Karen's message was loud and clear: standing strong and weathering through the hardships life throws our way.

"I'm still here, there's a purpose for me here, so let me turn this around and see how I can reach out to others and how I can be a blessing and help others," said Cobb. 

To learn more about The C.H.A.D. Ministry and how you can help, click on "Know More On 7" and look for "C.H.A.D.'s House."

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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