Restaurants Where Inspectors Found Problems

Joseph's of Tyler Catering at 1721 S. Broadway was inspected July 29th. Spinach crepes at 118F, should be 140F or hotter. Also, the inspector noted inadequate handwashing and employee practices in the prep area. Lysol was stored near beverages, and window cleaner was improperly stored. Also, dented cans were found in the food prep area, and those cans were rusting.

Brenda Elrod, Smith Co. Public Health District:  "Bacteria could be introduced in to the can or air can get in and start things to grow, so anything dented on the top rim, bottom rim, or the side seam is considered unsafe to use because that's where the seal occurs, so we have to pull those from service."

Joseph's score was an 80.  A recheck was ordered and on Aug. 28, all problems had been corrected. No score was given.

Kiepersol Estates B&B at 4267 FM 344 in Bullard was inspected July 11th. Butter was at room temperature (73F), and should be 45F or below. It was discarded.

Brenda Elrod:  "Butter is a dairy product, a high protein item. If bacteria is introduced to it, it can grow it very rapidly, so we don't want it held at room temperature."

There were no towels at front hand sink, and drink dispensers at bar needed to be cleaned and sanitized because of mold. Score: 82. There was no recheck.

La Favorita at 707 N. Border in Tyler was inspected July 23rd. The reach-in cooler was holding products at 50-59F. All meats, dairy products, and beans were discarded. Raw meat was also being stored over the onions. And, there was no soap in restrooms.  The score: an 84.

On the recheck - July 26, the cooler at proper temperature.  On another inspection July 29, there was a cigarette in hand sink, and the inspector saw a baby roach.  There was no score given on that inspection.

Running "W" Restaurant on I-20 in Lindale was inspected August 8th. Flies were noted by the inspector and cooler racks needed cleaning.  Wastewater was flowing to a system of several ponds behind the restaurant. And, an approved septic system was required. The score: an 87.

On August 8 - it was determined that the wastewater system was in violation of state law. The permit was suspended.

Now- Running "W" is under new management, the wastewater disposal system is approved, and the permit has been reinstated.

La Carreta at 6100 S. Broadway was inspected July 30th. Cooked rice and beans in walk-in cooler were at 51-52F. The products were discarded. And, flies were noted.

The score: 88.  No recheck ordered.