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8/29/02 - East Texas

A New Birth Control

East Texas doctors now have something new to prescribe to women who don't like swallowing a dose of birth control every single day. It's called Ortho Evra and it's dosage comes in patch form.

"It's got the same medications as the oral contraceptives as the pill," says Dr. Hope short. "But it's applied once weekly so the appeal to it's great you only have to think about it once a week."

For this reason and others, Dr. Theresa Martin says the busy, woman on the go seems to be most interested in the patch. The sticky, nude colored birth control is placed discretely where you can't see it on the abdomen, outer arm, upper torso and buttocks.

The makers of Ortho Evra designed the patch to survive bathing, swimming and exercise. In clinical studies of 70,000 thousand patches applied worldwide, less than 2% fell off.

"They have done lots of research to show it does stick very well, but it's very important the patient follows the directions how to apply it," says Dr. Theresa Martin.

The thin beige patch is about an inch and 3/4 in size. It delivers continuous levels of hormones through the skin and into the bloodstream.

"It's just as effective as the oral, the pill, it's 99% effective against pregnancy," says Dr. Short. But doctors say the patch which is just 2 months FDA approved isn't right for everybody. Women with blood clots, high blood pressure or who smoke should beware.

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