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Commissioners, Sheriff say AG ruling puts jail security at risk

The opponents for the upcoming Smith County Jail Bond are calling it a victory, but the Sheriff and a Commissioner are saying it could put an East Texas jail and every jail in Texas at risk.

This week the Texas Attorney General ruled on a request from local attorney Ken Good for records from the Commissioner's court. Good had been told by the county that the records were confidential.

But a letter from the AG's office says, "We conclude that the requested information may not be withheld. As you raise no further arguments against disclosure, the requested information must be released." Read the letter from the Attorney General here.  

At least one commissioner says that would essentially make their security plans public.

"Who in the world would think that it was okay to take the floor plans of a jail and let everybody have them," said Commissioner JoAnn Fleming.  

"I'm very grateful that the Texas Attorney General has now agreed with me that they cannot keep these records secret any longer," said Ken Good.

The commissioners court has ten days to release the documents or they can appeal the AG's decision.

If you would like to read the entire Attorney General ruling, go to the Know More section of our website, where they are posted.

Danielle Capper, reporting.

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