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We hear more of your money crunch stories

People are coming up with new and different ways to save money with all the financial fears, uncertainty in the stock market and retirement plans.

On KLTV.com, we've received lots of response to what, if anything, you're doing differently.

In a KLTV.com poll, 30% of you said you haven't done anything different.

22% of you said you're not eating out, 16% said you're not traveling as much, and 26% said you're doing a combination of many things to save money.

"No...I'm not planning any trips, but other than that i'm not going to do anything different. I don't think panic is the thing to do," said Vicki Ludovico.

"Saving money where I can, just taking everthing into account, kind of making a few cutbacks, not too much," said Christopher Burns.

"I try not to spend as much money. I'm making sure that everything that I buy at the grocery, I eat. I'm not throwing away as much food as I'm used to. Planning ahead more when I get groceries," said Sherry Hanson.

We want to hear your stories. Just email us at moneycrunch@kltv.com to tell us what changes are you're making.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com

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