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We want to know: What are you doing differently because of the economy?

With the changes in the economy, the ups and downs on Wall Street, we wanted to know those of you in East Texas are changing in your daily life, routines, or investments to help combat the effects. We asked some of you out and about in Tyler today, and here's what you had to say.

"Cancelling unnecessary expenses. If you don't use the gym you don't need it so cancel it. So that is one thing we did. That is the only thing so far," said Kathryn Marshall.

"Trying to be more conservative in all areas, from how many times you go to the grocery store, to the things you do for fun. I don't feel like a lot of times you don't have the freedom to do what you used to do so sometimes you have to cut back," said Brad Watson.

"We buy stock at a low price, so when it doubles we will make more money on our dollar than when we purchased," said Stacie Ham.

"Were not spending as much as we would normally. Just trying to pad our savings. as far as our portfolios just really sticking with a long term plan, diversifying our money across different asset classes and just being smart that way. So nothing drastic but just preparing for the what ifs," said Brad Cain.

We want to hear from you. Just send us an email at moneycrunch@kltv.com and tell us if and what your family is doing differently because of the economy.

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