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7 Questions With The Aubrey Twins

Two-for-one special at Robert E. Lee, so we re-visted the Aubrey twins. We profiled Josh and Jordan in a report last fall. They are identical twins and gave almost identical answers to our 7 Questions.

Maya: The best prank you've pulled on your brother?
Josh: I say when he was watching a DVD I came in there and started using a different remote to control the DVD player and he was thinking it was acting by itself.
Jordan: To wake him up, instead of using water, I got an egg and threw it on his face.

Maya: Favorite moment you've shared on the field together?
Jordan: In the John Tyler and Lee game when Josh scored a touchdown it was kind of good for both of us it was a rivalry game we both played good.
Josh: Euless Trinity, Jordan made a big hit and it just got the buzz rolling.

Maya: What makes the John Tyler versus Lee game so intense?
Jordan: I guess because everyone comes together, we know everyone from John Tyler and everyone knows everyone from Lee.

Maya: Who's the cleanest?
Jordan: I am... in a way.
Josh: I say I am honestly. I take care of everything really.

Maya: Have you ever tried to trick Coach Owens?
Jordan: Never have but usually it works anyways.

Maya: Your post-high school career plans?
Jordan: Go to college and then hopefully go on to the NFL.

Maya: Would you have to go together to college or play separate?
Jordan: Have to play together, have to play together.
Josh: Two-for-one package, that's how it is.

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